The Cosmopolitan: Turns out The Breakwater isn’t the first fire at a Flaherty & Collins development under construction.


The article is eight years old. It was anonymously written, and it is the only post at the blog. Links are broken. By 2010, the arrested man had been released for lack of evidence, and the Cosmopolitan development was completed and opened.

Therefore, this link is purely for entertainment value.

Until it isn’t. Thanks, A.

Tin Foil Hats? (The Cosmopolitan Fire: Flaherty and Collins Uncovered)

By now everyone in Indy has heard about the fire that destroyed the downtown development known as “The Cosmopolitan”. This project, backed by Flaherty and Collins, was a $37m retail/apartment development slated to open in May of this year.

Recently an arrest has been made, and Brandon Burns, a 23 year old homeless man, has been charged with arson in the incident.

Does anyone else smell the bullshit surrounding this entire affair?!?

I am not the type to wear the tin foil hat, or scream conspiracy from the rooftops, but come on! Let’s take a look at some facts, shall we?