If you support the Women’s Recovery Center (The Breakaway) at 1514 E. Spring, please e-mail Mr. Padgett and let him know.

1514 E. Spring Street

Previously, we considered the serpentine way that good ideas sometimes meet.

Thanks to Padgett, a halfway house will front a two-way street. When it comes to social justice, ya gotta start SOMEWHERE.

If you agree with Mr. and Mrs. Confidential that the Women’s Recovery Center is a good fit for 1514 East Spring Street, please consider registering your point of view. I assume that the center is to be called Nicole’s Place, as previously announced.

(I am now informed that the center is to be renamed The Breakaway, and have edited this post accordingly)

Actual paper petitions are being circulated in support of the Women’s Recovery Center (The Breakaway), and I was asked to reproduce one here. I have the Word file on hand, and am perfectly happy to forward it to you, BUT evidently the Plan Commission (?) meeting for preliminary consideration is tomorrow.*

Consequently, the best course of action on short notice is to e-mail your support for collating and presentation.

Just use this handy template and e-mail address: rjpadgett@padgett-inc.com

I am a New Albany resident or business owner in favor of the plan to open a Women’s Recovery Center at 1514 E. Spring Street. It will provide housing and a structured program that is based upon the successful program at The Bliss House, which is a mission of Center For Lay Ministries to facilitate the recovery from addiction for up to twenty two women at a time (maximum occupancy).

* I have not received a Plan Commission e-mailing since late last year. I’m sure it’s an inexplicable accident.