We think this means Dickey wants Gahan’s bedmate Hibbard to keep his job, but it’s such bad writing that it’s hard to tell.


Can anyone translate Adamese?

This one appears to be written in some sort of geek code. The school board has appointed a new member (actually, he’s a Democrat) in a move that may be a sign that maybe something’s afoot, so everyone show up and … do what?

About what?

To whom?

Bonus points if you not only can interpret what Adam is saying, but also relate it to HB 1131, which if passed by the legislature would mandate the inclusion of a school board appointment to municipal redevelopment commissions.

Wait … it’s coming to me … both Jeff Gahan and Bruce Hibbard don’t want a school board unless it’s a captive rubber stamp, but the local Democratic Party is somewhat of a rubber stamp itself, and so it’s urgent to take action in this instance, but just as important for Adam to say nothing at all when Gahan decides to purge low-income people from The Project …

Action Alert

New Albany Floyd County School Board set to meet tomorrow!

Recently, there’s been a lot happening with our local New Albany – Floyd County School Board. In late January, the school board appointed a new member in response to the resignation of D.J. Hines. Tomorrow, the Board will vote on Superintendent Bruce Hibbard’s contract, a move that may signal that the board may be moving to replace Hibbard.

We feel it imperative that the NAFC School Board be transparent in its decisions. Now is the time to take action and let your voice be heard. We’re asking community leaders and citizens to attend the NAFC School Board Meeting and express their concern. Here are the meeting details:

New Albany Floyd County Consolidated School Corp. Board Meeting
Monday, February 13th @ 6:00 p.m.
2813 Grant Line Road, New Albany

It’s critical that we speak out. Take action today and ensure that our school board represents the best interests of our community and our students.


Your Democratic Team

Meanwhile, the newspaper says …

NAFC school board to vote Monday on superintendent rollover, by Aprile Rickert

If approved, Bruce Hibbard would need to renegotiate in July 2018 to continue

FLOYD COUNTY — The New Albany-Flood County School Board will vote Monday on whether or not to let superintendent Bruce Hibbard’s contract roll over after it expires in July 2018.