Keith Olbermann and The Resistance: “More people are paying attention to my message at the moment than they would be if I were some other host on MSNBC or CNN.”


Let us read, and watch, and draw our own conclusions: Watch ‘The Resistance” with Keith Olbermann.

Have liberals found their combative new leader in … Keith Olbermann? by Ben Terris (Washington Post)

… Olbermann may have claimed “The Resistance” as his show’s title, but it’s also fashionable shorthand for the emerging, amorphous community — career Democrats, masked anarchists, Hollywood liberals, conservative Never Trumpers — working to topple, or at least rein in, President Trump. Not working together, mind you: The movement has only the barest organization and no true leaders. But plenty of people are looking to fill that void and, in some cases, pave their own path back to relevance.