Waxing self-congratulatory, the ‘Bama newspaper’s Susan Duncan lauds her government watchdog, which never seems to bark here in New Albany.


The News and Tribune’s new editor took time this weekend to praise her team’s heroic performance, and it sent me scurrying to the thesaurus to find synonyms for “delusional.”

Among them: deception, fantasy, hallucination, illusion, and pipe dream.

Unfortunately, we don’t see much of Duncan’s imagined watchdog here in Floyd County, especially in New Albany. Furthermore, we recall the entire year that passed without a reporter in New Albany to ask questions like these.

Duncan’s words merely reinforce the perennially Clark-centric performance of Bill Hanson’s advertising vehicle. We’re left to surmise that it’s all about the money, so allow me to extend my smudgy alms cup to Duncan as she passes on the street:

“Excuse me, ma’am, but mightn’t we get just a few farthings of your fierce watchdog commitment for the starving New Albanians?”

DUNCAN: Clark County Council shuffle deals residents a bad hand

… Our forefathers, wary of government overreach and oppression, also noted the importance of a freely functioning press in the First Amendment. As your local newspaper, we embrace that responsibility first among all others.

The story that appeared at the top of Friday’s News and Tribune is a prime example of our commitment — and why it’s important.

Tony Bennett cannot — at this time — serve on the Clark County Council, despite being tapped by a GOP caucus Wednesday to complete the unexpired District 2 term vacated by Brian Lenfert.

Bennett is ineligible; he doesn’t meet the residency requirements outlined in state statute. The law says officeholders must have lived in the district they represent for at least six months and within the county for at least a year. Bennett falls short on both counts. He’s only lived in Clark County since early September, something he readily admitted when the newspaper asked him the question.

Had we not fulfilled our role as a watchdog over government by educating ourselves on the legality of Bennett’s appointment and inquiring as to his residency, I suspect Bennett would still be a councilman.