Let’s summarize 2017 with a Gahan and Floyd Democratic Party meme and a few essential links.


Because: What you permit, you promote.

If you’re a Democratic voter busily denouncing Trump’s power grab in national terms, stop and take a deep breath. Look around you. Your local Democratic Party leadership is revealing itself to be just as undemocratic and morally bankrupt as those GOP leaders you love to hate, and the mayor is busily amassing as much personal power (and a great deal of campaign finance) as he can manage while you’re busy looking the other way.

There are many courses of action that might help restore balance to the world, but must raging hypocrisy be one of them? If you’re against it when Trump’s doing it, mustn’t you also oppose it when the perpetrator is Jeff Gahan or Adam Dickey?

Or it somehow different then?

New Albany city council public hearing regarding wastewater rate change and the implementation of consumer price index is February 6.

Four things you should know about Jeff “Dead Inside” Gahan’s public housing hostile takeover and land grab.

ON THE AVENUES: Jeff Gahan and Adam Dickey are Trumping the Donald when it comes to breathtaking moral turpitude. Have they no shame?

ON THE AVENUES: For New Albany’s Person of the Year, the timeless words of Mother Jones: “Pray for the dead, and fight like hell for the living.”

Jeff Gahan and Adam Dickey hand the orb and sceptre to Dan Coffey. All Coffey wants to do is outlaw people like Greg Phipps. Anyone seen Connie Sipes?