THE BEER BEAT: “There is not ONE FREAKING IOTA of truth about how AB got started in this beautifully-crafted, button-pushing, faux-sensy-poo, piece o’ trash ad.”


For those readers who may be coming late to my beer-related scribblings, know that Stevefoolbody is my hero. He is so awesome that typically I have nothing whatever to add, and merely attach a link and brief teaser to encourage you to go to his page and read.

Today is no exception.

Pure Bud BS: The Shortest Pour Fool Post Ever

I’ve now been asked, by actual count, thirty-seven times in the past four days what I think of the leaked previews we’ve all seen of Budweiser’s new Super Bowl ad.

I suspect everybody who has asked pretty much knows what my response will be, so let’s wrap this up quickly and get back to being horrified by the shit show in DC.