Top Ten posts at NA Confidential for January, 2017.

Thespians grab the top slot for January.

Thanks for reading NA Confidential, where we enjoy burrowing beneath the boilerplate headlines to offer unique local perspectives. January continued a recent trend in heightened readership, testifying to a keen interest in local stories, perhaps because they’re being chronically under-served elsewhere.

The list begins with five “honorable mention” posts, before concluding with the Top Ten, escalating to No. 1. Stats are derived from Google’s internal numbers listings.



ON THE AVENUES: Gahan’s stadium arcadium kicks off a new year with hilarity, pathos and own goals.

Such was their enthusiasm for this idea, at a price tag of as much as $30 million, that New Albany’s Mayor Gahan, his adjutant David Duggins and their council fixer, Pat “His Master’s Voice” McLaughlin, apparently spoke openly with Ladwig. In the aftermath, they were left looking like naïve rubes propped atop an incoming hay wagon when Neace and Louisville City FC’s varied clarifications began flowing the morning following Ladwig’s story.


Democratic cesspool redux: Gahan, Dickey and Phipps want to remove Lorch as council counsel so Danny Boy will be happy again.

The Green Mouse subsequently has suggested that the impetus to remove Lorch emanates directly from Gahan and Democratic Party chairman Dickey, with council Democrats expected to rally around an inexorably wilting flag.


Gahan, Dickey and the Floyd County Democratic Party “inaugurate” the resistance by groveling at the feet of an unreconstructed homophobic serial bully. I’m getting the warm fuzzies just Sieg Heiling about it.

In the interim, 3rd District councilman Greg Phipps is directed to smile, grin and cherish Gahan’s decision to fete and polish Coffey, who’ll happily swing his council vote back to the Disneyites for the ridiculously low price of council attorney Matt Lorch’s head on platter.


REWIND: Milk is liquid snot: “Milk consumption may not only be unhelpful, it might also be detrimental.”

I believe that drinking milk is an aesthetic and culinary outrage on a par with Bud Light and McDonald’s. Moreover, drinking milk is a conspiracy foisted on us by the multinational diary lobby. Apart from all that, I also dislike milk intensely.


Downtown NA: Lady Tron’s is open for regular business hours, and Taco Steve has resumed them.

In the former Little Chef space, corner of Market and Bank.



Thanks to Padgett, a halfway house will front a two-way street. When it comes to social justice, ya gotta start SOMEWHERE.

But let’s not be churlish. This stands to be a good use for the space, and kudos to Padgett for its social consciousness. Perhaps in addition to “God working behind the scenes” (as a predictably trite quote in the article suggests), either He or Padgett finally will get behind the house.

508 (tie)

“Shepard Fairey adapts Obama’s Hope poster for Trump inauguration.”

508 (tie)

On the Louisville Orchestra, Debussy, Mozart, Brahms and a lovely meal at La Chasse.

In short, through no fault of the music, my eyelids were heavy. I’m not sure this would had been any different had the main event been Bob Mould and not Brahms.


New Albany city council public hearing regarding wastewater rate change and the implementation of consumer price index is February 6.


R.I.P. William Christopher, whose Father Mulcahy character speaks to the here and now.

Father Mulcahy’s example was invaluable, not specifically because of his religious bearing, which was taken for granted, but because he was a fundamentally decent man in a fundamentally indecent setting, trying his best to be helpful and generally succeeding, even without medical credentials or a weapon.


Breakwater, Break Wind: “We got to move these refrigerators, we gotta move these color TV’s,” or else we’ll miss the thrill of public housing demolitions.

In the Dear Leader’s shining city on the flood plain, the beat (and the hypocrisy, and the reconstituted prostitution) goes on … and on … and on …


Capitol Hill and New Gahania are different, and yet so very similar.


Jeff Gahan and Adam Dickey hand the orb and sceptre to Dan Coffey. All Coffey wants to do is outlaw people like Greg Phipps. Anyone seen Connie Sipes?


MUST SEE VIDEO: Flaherty & Collins and a false advertisement for the Breakwater “luxury” housing complex.

Joshua Pavey noticed what was wrong with the picture, and he produced an excellent short video that solves the mystery of the misplaced Louisville skyline.


The ultimate in bright shiny objects? Now Jeff Gahan’s going to build a pro soccer stadium in New Albany.

It’s impossible to judge until we know the answers, and until then, let’s just allow the satire to write itself, as with the scene right now at 8:00 p.m., with Team Gahan functionaries armed with flash lights and tape measures, crawling around the perimeter of “the project” on Bono Road.


The Parthenon is coming back to life: “TheatreWorks to Open a Community Arts Center in Downtown New Albany.”

These folks have been working for a long time to make TheatreWorks a reality, and I’m happy for them. Stay tuned as the project unfolds.