In New Gahania, only the riverside squatters survive.


A few years ago, there were several riverfront dwellings. One by one they’ve disappeared, so as to clear the way for the Ohio River Greenway. So have a couple hundred trees, but that’s another unfortunate story. The property that used to occupy the cleared space in the above photo was actually well kept. Was it squatting, or did City Hall buy out the owners?

Then there’s the New Albany Boat Club. It clearly was squatting for decades (see links below), but was given an 11th-hour reprieve when City Hall exercised eminent domain against a property owner who’d only just emerged victorious in a lengthy court fight against the squatters — who were given back the property, which hadn’t been theirs in the first place, by a City Hall that operates by divine decree, and not rule of law.  

Jeeebus, these villainies are tiresome.

August 27, 2016
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October 21, 2015
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