Contact information for Mayor Gahan, the City Council and the Floyd County Democratic Party.

So THAT’S how they did it.

I was asked by a few readers to post contact information for certain of New Albany’s elected officials, some of who don’t wish to hear what you have to say — and that’s why you should burden them.

Good luck trying to find Mayor Jeff Gahan’s contact information anywhere on the webz, so this is the best I can do on short notice.

(812) 948-5333

Because I’ve heard city council representatives joke aloud about the unreliability of the e-mail system they use, and just as we’ve been told by the city clerk that being a year behind in posting minutes to the web site frustrates her as much as it does those of us looking in vain for them, since the city’s e-contractor must perform the work, and not her — she has no way of doing it herself — I’ve included alternative e-mail addresses for some council persons.

At-Large – David Aebersold
1202 Aebersold Drive
(812) 944-9823

At-Large – Dave Barksdale
614 Terrace Court
(812) 945-1839

At-Large – Al Knable, MD
2241 Green Valley Road
(502) 386-5051

1st District – Dan Coffey
425 West Seventh Street
(502) 797-8347

2nd District – Robert Caesar
614 Camp Ave.
(812) 945-8744

3rd District – Greg Phipps (Vice President)
1105 E Spring Street
(812) 949-8317

4th District – Patrick McLaughlin (President)
1739 Florence Ave.
(812) 949-9140

5th District – Matthew Nash
2510 Larkwood Drive
(502) 718-4986

6th District – Scott Blair
3925 Rainbow Drive
(812) 697-0128

For those identifying with the Democratic Party, and who wish to contact the party chairman of the main presidium in the central committee of Dickeystan, here are his numbers, too.

Adam T. Dickey, Party Chair
(812) 786-5895