As Deaf Gahan hunkers in the bunker, America’s small-town mayors are speaking out — about their communities, about Donald Trump, about SOMETHING.


Here’s what we’ve gotten so far from Jeff Gahan, mayor and de facto kingpin of the Floyd County Democratic Party, or at least until the party’s chairman has the good sense to resign or be fired.

Gahan said he looks forward to positive actions by the new administration — President-elect Donald Trump and Indiana’s own Gov. Mike Pence, who will take office as vice president Jan. 20. “We certainly are rooting for them to be successful, too,” Gahan said.

But here’s the funny part. Here in New Gahania, not only does the mayor have nothing coherent to say about Trump; he also refuses to give “State of the City” speeches, or to attend city council meetings, or to emerge from the Bunker of Down Low Governance for any reason at all.

Let’s not forget what agoraphobia can do to the weak-willed, because instead of addressing Trumpism, or making a speech about the city, or emerging from the bunker for any reason at all, Gahan has had ample time to target a loyal Democratic city council attorney for removal from his job because a self-described council Copperhead snake who quit Gahan’s dysfunctional party in a fit of pique but now has palms extended, waiting for the inevitable envelope, has a hard-on to kneecap someone.

Read about it here. As POTUS would say: SAD.

What America’s Small-Town Mayors Think About Trump, by David Murray (The Atlantic)

The local leaders are breaking from tradition to weigh in on presidential politics.

Just as a U.S. president delivers an inauguration speech or a State of the Union address, mayors across the country deliver State of the Village speeches. But while presidents can speak in broad strokes, mayors are expected to detail the town’s accomplishments. As a result, these speeches are typically less aspirational and less rhetorically artful. Yet this year, a number of small-town mayors broke from tradition, as they weighed in on presidential politics.