“Who Are These Protesters In Black And Why Are They Smashing Things?”

“Anarchy doesn’t mean out of control; it means out of their control.” Jim Dodge

Anarchism has been around for a long time. Violence and protests and the breaking of inanimate objects also have a long history. It’s always amusing to see the selective outrage depending on which pre-conceived point of view is ascendant, but it’s also impetus for a lifted eyebrow to hear anarchists speak of properly manipulating the media.

Who Are These Protesters In Black And Why Are They Smashing Things?, Nathan Tempey (DCist)

Police have arrested more than 90 people so far today in D.C., many of them masked, black-clad hooligans who videos show swarming the streets carrying anarchist flags and smashing bank and Starbucks windows. They also may be responsible for setting a limousine on fire …

 … The Sean Hannitys of the world are right in the sense that anarchists oppose Trump, but as protests at a string Republican and Democratic national conventions have shown—not to mention a litany of anti-financial summit gatherings and localized demonstrations against police brutality—anarchists stand apart from their fellow marchers both in tactics and in beliefs.