That’s LA, not NA: “City Hall candidates are saying no to real estate developer donations.”


Streetsblog referred to an article in the Washington Post, and I retweeted it.

Just imagine living in a place where a local politician would find it advantageous to renounce the sort of “beaks wetted” campaign contributions which here in New Albany comprise the fundamental building blocks of governance. Just imagine living in a place where local journalists cared.

You may say I’m a dreamer …

Seeking an edge over incumbents, these L.A. City Hall candidates are saying no to real estate developer donations, byEmily Alpert Reyes and David Zahniser (Los Angeles Times)

Two years ago, in a tough race for the Los Angeles City Council, health clinic executive David Ryu made a promise that helped propel him to victory: He swore off campaign contributions from real estate developers.

That promise, Ryu said, was meant to reassure voters that community needs, not political donations, would guide his decisions on new building projects.

Now, with concerns over development and campaign cash taking center stage in the March 7 election, an array of candidates are embracing the same strategy as they look to topple incumbents, some of whom have a steep financial advantage.

Public affairs consultant Mitchell Schwartz, waging a long-shot bid to unseat Mayor Eric Garcetti, said he won’t take campaign funds from real estate developers. Council candidates in races from Echo Park to Westchester have made similar promises, singling out that money as a symbol of City Hall corruption.