Fascist Indiana senator proposes “block traffic and you die bill,” this idea being consistent with the broad principles of autocentrism, if not social justice.

Indiana GOP — group photo.

This is no more than an extreme example of the usual doctrine of cars having all the rights to our streets, and other users none. Jim Tomes merely dispenses with the hypocrisy, because most governmental units in the state feel the same way about their daily pedestrians and bicyclists as Tomes does about protesters.

Am I the only person here who is desperately eager to see this bill advance so Ron Grooms will have to vote on it?

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Indiana bill would allow police to shut down protests ‘by any means necessary’, by Joanna Walters (The Guardian)

Opponents in Indianapolis argue the proposed law, simply labelled Senate Bill 285, or SB 285, would give police power ‘even to the point of costing lives’

A bill that would require public officials in Indiana to dispatch law enforcement swiftly to remove any protesters blocking traffic by “any means necessary” prompted uproar on Wednesday.

Opponents of the bill, introduced by a Republican state senator, rushed to the general assembly in Indianapolis on Wednesday afternoon to attend a hearing for the legislation, arguing that it could give a green light to the police to shut down protests harshly “even to the point of costing lives”.