The next time One Southern Indiana crusades for environmental consciousness will be the first.


Daddy Oligarch wouldn’t want his “economic development” plaything taking positions on nasty liberal ideas about the environment. We need more jobs, more roads, more cars … and more electronic fund transfers to the Cayman Islands.

How to be environmentally conscious in Southern Indiana; Region is improving, but there’s room to grow, by Danielle Grady (Hanson Motorcycle Club)

SOUTHERN INDIANA — Jeff and Roz Wolverton try to be environmentally friendly.

They live in a small downtown New Albany apartment, drive as little as possible … and pick up about 200 bags worth of trash each year.

The couple perform their self-imposed duty about four days a week: clearing detritus from the riverfront and sidewalks.

They started picking up trash in 2002 after a trip to a remote area of Costa Rica. Numerous discarded Coke bottles lined the nearby beach every morning. They’d be picked up, only to be replaced by a new batch of bottles the next day.

When the Wolverton’s returned, they began to notice the trash present in New Albany — particularly along the Ohio River.

“We figure it’s going to show up in the river, then in the Gulf of Mexico and then circle around to Costa Rica and every other place,” Jeff said. “So you just gotta start where you live.”