“I didn’t actually count, but I think the name Gahan appears more times in the article than the name Obama.”


Gag with me an anchor-branded spoon … and thanks, Clint.

Roadway in New Albany named after outgoing president, by Aprile Rickert (Hanson Ad Compendium)

… Although the road was named for the outgoing president, Gahan said he looks forward to positive actions by the new administration — President-elect Donald Trump and Indiana’s own Gov. Mike Pence, who will take office as vice president Jan. 20.

“We certainly are rooting for them to be successful, too,” Gahan said.

As an addendum, words I wrote at Facebook:

Make no mistake that I admire Barack Obama immensely as a human being. The legacy of his record is likely to be mixed. Posterity will probably enhance this legacy owing to the shambles of what came before it, and what’s about to happen next — that is, if we have anything approximating real news in the future. But very little of this is the point of my post. Jeff Gahan named this street not because of Barack Obama, but because of Jeff Gahan (Deaf Gahan), and this is what we must endure in New Albany. Furthermore, I could make the case that honoring this or any other president should result in a remembrance worthy of the honoree — and a crappy industrial park street hardly fits this bill. Lastly, in the article itself, Gahan hedges his bets and lauds the incoming administration as well as the previous one, and this is an insult to Democrats and Republicans alike.