UPDATED Clerely, schools should be included in redevelopment commission decisions.


(6:00 p.m.: See update below)

It took a few days to get back to this one.

Southern Indiana lawmakers to file toll-related bills in 2017 session … General Assembly’s 2017 session begins Tuesday, by Elizabeth Beilman (News and Tribune)

Let’s be clear: Tender mercies for the toll-afflicted never came up even once for Ron Grooms when the tolling oligarchs first came calling, and he climbed into bed with them.

I suppose we must give Ron partial credit for belatedly grasping the simple fact that tolling disproportionately taxes the working poor, even if he steadfastly ignored all attempts to convince him of this at the time.

But wait — buried at the bottom amid “other bills to be filed by local lawmakers” is something of genuine interest.

• REDEVELOPMENT COMMISSIONS — Gives local school corporations one voting appointment to municipal redevelopment commissions by taking one appointment from mayor’s administration, with the intention to better include schools in redevelopment decisions (Clere)

Well, look at that. If Jeff Gahan stands to lose an appointment to the body that works most diligently to keep his campaign finance beaks wet, we might yet be entertained by a good, old-fashioned self-immolation — though I still think New Albany City FC is funnier.

Thanks to Elizabeth Beilman for posting this update from the Indiana General Assembly page. As you can see, the legislation also provides unfilled vacancies on the board of municipal housing authorities.


Appointments to local boards and commissions. Provides that after June 30, 2017, one of the commissioners appointed to a redevelopment commission must be a member of the governing body of a school corporation that includes all or part of the territory served by the redevelopment commission. Provides for the appointment to be made by the appointing governing body as determined in the statute. Removes language providing for the appointment of nonvoting advisers to redevelopment commissions from the governing bodies of school corporations. Provides that nonvoting advisers serve until a member of the governing body of a school corporation is appointed to the redevelopment commission. Provides that if the executive or fiscal body of a municipality does not fill a vacancy in the municipal housing authority before the 61st day after the vacancy occurs, the remaining members of the housing authority shall fill the vacancy. Provides that the remaining members are authorized to fill the vacancy even if the number of remaining members is not sufficient for a quorum. Provides that an individual who is acting as a member of a housing authority 60 days after the expiration of the individual’s term as a member of the housing authority may continue to act as a member for purposes of filling the vacancy. (Provides for expiration of this provision.)