“The only way this will work is if everyone commits, right now, to doing something, anything, in the coming year.”


Moore’s words appeared at Facebook. There are two key points (in bold below) amid the verbiage.

1. Tools to resist are available.
2. You must do something with them.

It’s fairly simple to me, and I’ll be returning to the point very often. In the words of Matthew d’Ancona at The Guardian: Get off the ground, you wusses. Put down your gingerbread lattes, and put up your dukes.

A Wish for December 25th by Michael Moore

Tonight it’s Christmas Eve, it’s Hanukkah, it’s a month before the words “Muslim registry” will find their way into an actual law, and it’s just another night for the “nonbelievers” (the only group who’s probably going to save us because they believe in science, facts and humanity – the last one in spite of itself).
Many of us are with friends and family tonight. Many are alone. We seek peace and kindness and compassion for all – but we are not blind (at least, for some, not any longer).

We know the wall of hate in front of us is going to seem insurmountable. It is not. It is built on falsehoods and ignorance and the instilling of fear — and these tricks, history has shown us, while they cause much damage in the short term, are in the long run met with defeat. Just ask The South, the Germans or Roger Ailes.

There’s no way to sugarcoat the true breadth of the tsunami that’s about to hit us. Although we don’t control a single branch of our disappearing democracy, we ARE the majority (by nearly three million votes!) and we have MANY tools available to us (mass protest, civil disobedience, lawsuits, social media, old media, and just plain showing up) that we can use to grind the gears of this madness to a near-halt.

I and others will keep you informed and you and I and all of us will lead the charge. I will continue to post things you can do where you live. The only way this will work is if everyone commits, right now, to doing something, anything, in the coming year. 

That can be our Christmas/Hanukkah/Muslim registry gift to each other – I’m in, you’re in, we’re all in. Everybody in the pool! Share your real presents with each other tonight, tomorrow and in the coming year – the gifts of decency, love, caring, listening, living with less, doing for others, raising your voice and using the car pool lane because you and your four friends are on your way to disrupt the building of that wall.

Enjoy this weekend, be good to yourself and remember that “Celebrity Apprentice” returns to NBC on January 2nd, 9pm Eastern and Pacific, 8pm Central (so you can maybe figure out how we all ended up in this shitshow in the first place).

And thank you baby Jesus — sorry for how it’s all turned out.

Michael Moore