We go to Vietnam Kitchen, and “Chefs Explain Why Jews Eat Chinese Food on Christmas.”


We’re not Jewish, but our culinary tradition is the same — although Vietnam Kitchen has become our first choice, with Great Wall as a backup.

You get only the topic sentence and conclusion. Click through and read the rest of a worthwhile piece. Then eat something, already. Thanks to RG for the link.

Chefs Explain Why Jews Eat Chinese Food on Christmas, by Alex Swerdloff (Munchies.Vice)

This time of year, let’s be honest: The most Jewish-American tradition isn’t even celebrating those eight crazy candle-and latke-filled nights. It’s hitting the local Chinese restaurant on Christmas, of course …

… In the end, eating Chinese for Christmas is undoubtedly as Jewish-American as it gets. In the words of Noah Bernamoff: “Thousands upon thousands of Jews eat Chinese food on Christmas, so it’s become a de facto tradition. We shouldn’t pretend that it’s not a tradition and we shouldn’t pretend that it’s not Jewish. We’re a distinct people gathering distinctly with each other to eat this food every year at the same time. If that’s not tradition, then I don’t fucking know what tradition means.”