ASK THE BORED: Light-struck animals, rebooted holograms and the tolling land rush coming soon.


To repeat, my humble good intentions have been swept aside by the basic human imperative of self-preservation, and I haven’t attended a Board of Public Works and Safety meeting since before the hilarious unpleasantness of November 8, when the local political party branch responsible for appointments, patronage, campaign finance sluice dredging and a gently pervasive wetting of beaks — in fact, for these very prized seats on BOW, as both institution and the institutionalized — was handed a vicious, epic bloodbath of an electoral beat-down.

But enough of that. Whether Adam ever acquires the good sense to resign or not, the epochal time draws ever closer, and the minutes of BOW’s last few meetings reveals a fervent and renewed desire …

 … to avoid the challenge entirely.

However, it is reported that city software engineers are hard at work reprogramming the mayoral hologram to direct snarled traffic and hand out Bicentennial coffee table books to frustrated pass-through motorists who live outside the city limits.

Meanwhile, here are a few inconvenient truths.

When will tolling start? We’ll know Tuesday, by Madeleine Winer (Courier-Journal)

Officials will announce when tolling will start on the Abraham Lincoln, Kennedy and East End bridges Tuesday.

RiverLink spokeswoman Mindy Peterson and Clint Murphy, the director of tolling oversight for the Indiana Department of Transportation, will make the announcement at 11 a.m. outside RiverLink’s Jeffersonville Customer Service Center, 103 Quartermaster Court. The two will also provide an update on the number of RiverLink accounts opened to date, according to a news release.

Peterson said critical testing of the tolling system is complete, which included end to end testing to make sure toll gantries registered vehicles of different sizes and that tolls were applied appropriately. RiverLink will use all-electronic toll gantries to track vehicles crossing the bridges, meaning no toll booths or coin machines will be used and drivers won’t have to stop or wait in lines to pay the toll.