Breathlessness begets toothlessness as rental property registration begins tomorrow.


Bring out yer slumlords!

The self-congratulatory boilerplate begins in three … two … one …

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December 01,
Earlier this
year, Mayor Jeff Gahan and Building Commissioner David Brewer urged the City
Council to pass a rental registration program that requires landlords to
register any properties within the city limits that will be rented to tenants.
The Rental Housing Ordinance will increase communication that will help prevent
the deterioration of residential housing, assist in compliance of minimum
rental housing standards, improve safety for residents, protect the character
and stability of residential neighborhoods, and preserve and increase property
values throughout the city.
For more
information about this history of this ordinance, please see here:
To view the Rental
Housing Registration Ordinance
, please click HERE.
Property Registration will begin on Monday December 5th. All landlords within
the city will have until January 31st, 2017 to register their properties.
To register
a property, please download and complete the form (linked HERE).
After completing the form, you can mail the form in or turn it in at the
City-County Building. A registration fee of $5.00 will be applied per rental
To mail in
your completed rental registration form, please send both the form and
$5.00 registration fee (checks only) to:
City of New
Albany Building Department
311 Hauss Square, Rm. #329
New Albany, IN 47150
To e-mail
your completed application, please send it to

If an
application is e-mailed, you will still need to pay your registration fee
either in person or through the mail.