Cities may be able to curb the Mighty Trumpolini, but first, some unsightly trash.


Full disclosure: I’m linking to this article primarily because it’s an excellent platform for this “take out the garbage” photo, sourced by the Green Mouse.

The article’s pretty good, too.

Can Cities Counter the Power of President-Elect Donald Trump?, by Benjamin Barber (The Nation)

As the federal government turns toward nationalism, local governments will become crucial beacons of pluralism.

The new American reality suggests a very particular role for cities. The dominance of the Trump-brand of Republican party over all three branches of government renders the old balance of powers ineffective. Yet America’s cities and the networks they have forged with cities across the world—in bodies like the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, the US Conference of Mayors, EuroCities, and the new Global Parliament of Mayors—have the weight to contain, and push back against, power.