A handy attention-getter: “Want a More Progressive Democratic Party? Stop Donating to It.”


Think of it as tough love.

As for Occam’s Razor in everyday life: The reason for the gaping leadership void in the Floyd Democratic Party is precisely the absence of leadership, nothingness less, and nothingness more. Meet the new loss … same as the old loss.

Want a More Progressive Democratic Party? Stop Donating to It, by Lawrence Hess (The Nation)

…  My wife and I are donors to progressive causes and candidates. Over the years we have also given to Democratic Party campaign committees in efforts—along with other progressive donors—to move the party in the progressive direction. Now we are through with that. We will not donate to any of the Democratic Party’s four campaign committees or any allied independent expenditure committees unless and until the party makes meaningful and substantial progressive changes regarding personnel, targeted voters, and agenda. We encourage all party donors, at whatever level, to join us.