Has time run out for Good Times? If so, what’s next at 114 East Market?


I walked past Vickie’s Good Time(s) Bar & Grill yesterday and peeked into the window. Items appear to have been boxed and stacked, as though to be hauled away.

About a month ago, the Green Mouse heard a rumor that the building was being purchased by a local businessman, and judging from the scene today, I’m guessing there is finality to the sale. It will be interesting to see what happens next. The building desperately needs deep cleaning and rehabilitation, so let’s hope that’s coming.

Here’s the Historic Preservation Commission listing for 114 E. Market Street. Note that in the 1965 photo, Love’s Cafe is up and running.

This heavily-altered commercial building was once home to Lewis Hammond’s ‘Yankee Doodle’ store, the interior of which is seen below in a photo from about 1917.

The exterior photo, from the collection of the Indiana Room of the New Albany-Floyd County Public Library, shows this building circa 1965, with many of its historic features still exposed.

Are those three windows still somewhere beneath the vinyl? Only time will tell.