ON THE AVENUES is on holiday. Is the party chairman ousted yet, or do I have to go get your Bernie?


Next Thursday (November 24) already was intended to be an “off” day for the column. Not only is there some sort of holiday, one that seems somewhat misplaced given The Year So Far, but I’d be out of town.

Today I just couldn’t get it together; too many words, not enough time, and no inclination to post a rehash. Just remember, there were two columns last week, so quota is still being met.

Below are the usual links to “most recent.” ON THE AVENUES returns on December 1. There are five Thursdays in December.


November 17 & 24: (BYE WEEKS, literally and figuratively)

November 11: ON THE AVENUES: Kind-a full-a you know what, but now we’re going to find out whether Jeff Gahan has any cattle under his hat.

November 10: ON THE AVENUES: Don’t be a Dickey, local Democrats. The verdict is in, and it’s time for a change.

November 3: ON THE AVENUES: It’s our big fat Hibbardendum, and Jeff Gahan is carrying the superintendent across the threshold as Metro United Way tosses rice and One Southern Indiana steals all the liquor.

October 27: ON THE AVENUES: It’s NAC’s 12th birthday, and the beatings will continue until morale improves.

October 20: ON THE AVENUES: Key events in the New Albanian rebirth, but first, a piccolo of grappa, per favore.