Five key points: “Class trumps gender, and it’s driving American politics.”

Polish Duck Blood Soup.

This is one of the finest pieces I’ve read on the topic, although it omits mention of the role of religion, especially evangelical voters who voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump is spite of his … well … you know.

Then again, we already knew evangelicals were rationality-challenged. I can’t do justice to this article with an excerpt alone, so please click through and read the entirety.

What So Many People Don’t Get About the U.S. Working Class, by Joan C. Williams (Harvard Business Review)

For months, the only thing that’s surprised me about Donald Trump is my friends’ astonishment at his success. What’s driving it is the class culture gap.

One little-known element of that gap is that the white working class (WWC) resents professionals but admires the rich …

… Class trumps gender, and it’s driving American politics. Policy makers of both parties — but particularly Democrats if they are to regain their majorities — need to remember five major points …