Update: The Bored meets, except for me and my monkey. Can someone loan me a code talker?


Earlier this morning, I asked a question.

ASK THE BORED: This week they’re being more secretive than usual. Wonder why?

The BOW agenda e-mails were indeed sent as always, and as I’d guessed, there was something screwy, namely a technical glitch with my work account, this no doubt being some sort of cyber-sabotage on the part of my soon-to-be-ex-business-partners, or more likely, the fact that NABC’s e-mail has always been weird and spotty.

File under: You Get What You (Seldom) Pay For.

It was good for some over-wrought drama, and lightened a dreary morning. Meanwhile, I’ve provided a new e-address to Ms. Milburn and she forwarded the BOW agenda (so did the redoubtable I Am Hoosier). Items 2 and 3 in this list are of potential interest.

Do city officials ever really communicate? Still, if he’s able to extricate himself from an ever-lengthening nose, Rosenbarger will explain new and modernized traffic signals on State from Main to I-265.

A casual observer might find circumstantial two-way evidence in the signal project, as coupled with the city engineer’s morning spiel on environmental documents and plans for a downtown grid project yet to be approved, but Trump will be president, and what the hell do I know?

Having consulted my BS Tolerance blood levels and found them sorely challenged, I decided not to attend the meeting. Rather than wading through a chorus of nods, winks and blithely misdirected blind horses to mine clues as to what the Bored will do next, staying home and reading tea leaves by the fire seemed to offer a more fruitful outcome.

By the way, has Adam fired himself yet?