Extol Magazine now operating under Neace Ventures.


I don’t suppose Neace Ventures is looking for a 33.3% ownership in an Indiana brewery ripe for adaptive reuse?

The Extol Team is thrilled to announce we are now operating under Neace Ventures, which is owned by New Albany businessman John Neace and headed up by the newly-appointed president, Brad Estes. Our sister companies include Old 502 Winery, Louisville City FC, Brownie’s “The Shed” Grille & Bar, Falls City Brewing Co., Blue River Cabinetry and many more. This move will allow us to grow and further our mission of celebrating — and serving — the Southern Indiana community …

… John Neace was the first person to support our dream of starting Extol by becoming our initial investor. He and Vitor Bueno both jumped on ship as minority owners in this venture that was started by Sales Director/Managing Partner Jason Applegate and his wife Angie Fenton, Extol’s editor in chief. We are so grateful for this opportunity to grow and further our mission.

And from Angie Fenton:

Jason (Applegate) and I are excited about this recent move. While we still have ownership in Extol Magazine, becoming a part of the Neace Ventures family is only going to give us more opportunity to grow … Thanks to an incredible team of contractors and our recent hiring of several full-time employees, Extol is on the move in ways we not only dreamt about but have made come to fruition. Now that we’re under the Neace Ventures umbrella, Extol’s future looks even brighter.