Opiate addiction treatment clinic can duly kicked.


Triumph of the NIMBY Progressives?

Council Kick-Dat-Can: Looks like someone wants to open an opiate addiction treatment clinic in the 3rd council district. Could you please use your drugs out in the county?

Well, the presidential election will fix the problem, right?

New Albany bars new suboxone, methadone clinics for six months; Moratorium lasts six months, by Jerod Clapp (News and Tribune)

NEW ALBANY — No new methadone or suboxone clinics can pop up in New Albany for the next six months, after a moratorium on such opioid treatment facilities was approved by the city council Monday night.

The resolution passed unanimously following an amendment that excludes drug treatment facilities that offer counseling and referral services, but the discussion included concerns about addicts, where they get treatment and the effect on the neighborhoods near those facilities.

Greg Phipps, vice president and District 3 councilman, said as the city prepares to revamp some of its zoning and code requirements next summer, careful planning of appropriate placement for those facilities is important.