R.I.P. Mick Neely.


Word began circulating this morning that Michael “Mick” Neely has died, and his son’s words are apt.

Yes…the heavens became a lot more fun and the choirs of angels are letting it rip. My dad is there now and everyone is smiling, singing and laughing more than ever. Dad went there exactly 78 years, to the day, after he got here and he made this world a far better place, for sure. The greatest man I ever knew or will know.

There is no calculus for determining the influence this man had with generations of students, not just in music, but in life. Along with the late Bob Youngblood, Mick was a tremendous formative influence on me.

Mick warned each graduating class of choir members that if they didn’t continue singing, it would be something sorely missed later in their lives. He was right. I’ve never known teamwork and camaraderie like that since, and likely won’t experience it again.

Goodbye to a great, great man. He was Mr. Floyd Central to many of us. Our thoughts are with his family.