Council Kick-Dat-Can: Looks like someone wants to open an opiate addiction treatment clinic in the 3rd council district. Could you please use your drugs out in the county?


Tonight there’s a city council meeting. Maybe I’ll go this time. I’d like to see Coffey wearing his “Make America Hate Again” button.

Do they offer them in beanies?

Reading between the lines … because we’re about to advance the cause of comprehensive planning by packing an advisory board with yes-men and functionaries unable to “plan” their way through a wet beer label, there must be a moratorium on the establishment of clinics dealing with opiate addiction, at least until such a time as the comprehensive luminaries establish which beaks are to be wetted by which subterranean sluices of campaign finance enhancement (Opiate Clinic Section), this delay coming at a high tide of local opiate addition, but Hunter S. Thompson had Richard M. Nixon say, “Fuck the doomed,” and as Mayor Jeff Gahan once remarked about the impoverished among us … say, can’t we just dump them out in the county somewhere?

They’ll still vote Democratic, right? And then Seabrook can take care of them.

The resolution reproduced above is credited to Greg Phipps, which may be because whatever opiate addiction clinic is being proposed will land in his district, or owing to the luck of the “introduce this ordinance” draw, or even as an insider joke played by Paddy Mac, so the biggest unanswered question is whether the Scott Blair Resolution Vote Coin Flip will result in an actual vote (gasp) or another abstention on the basis of “none of my business except when it is, according to criteria so obscure that even Dr. Strange couldn’t decipher them.”

If the opiate addiction clinic sure to have been mentioned somewhere in a back corridor is to be located in Blair’s council district, the answer should be obvious:

Resolutions. Good!

At least he has the Rice Bowl. Wake me when it’s over, will you? The Green Mouse is on holiday this week, aiming to prove whether it is possible to get drunk enough to endure Wednesday morning.