Dennis Roudenbush for Commissioner: Josh Williams mentions “transparency” as Adam Dickey runs screaming from the crypt.


I voted for Dennis Roudenbush and recommend you do the same, but we must profusely thank DemoDisneyDixiecratic candidate Josh Williams for his ironic detachment, surely unintended, as he contradicts the daily operational goals of the Dickey/Gahan party apparatus with this one statement.

Floyd County Commissioner, Dist. 3 | Election 2016, by Madeleine Winer, (Courier-Journal)

… First priority is transparency. Elected officials have a tendency to forget that they are elected as public servants. The citizens of Floyd County deserve to know what is going on and have full disclosure of all pertinent information so that they can voice a true opinion on issues.

I’ve not met Williams, who seems earnest and well meaning, but he might wish to take an honest look around him at those Roadhouse party functions and grasp that the very best examples of non-transparent megalomania are seated across from him, drinking the Bud Light Lime Kool-Aid, as crafted in small batches by the party chairman himself.

To repeat: Roudenbush for Commissioner.