Watch the pooch pee: Doggie excrement “trumps” Native American sacraments as Jeff Gahan flees the WHAS-11 camera.


“The City of New Albany has done some really dumb stuff in the time I’ve lived here but a members only, pay-to-play “public” dog park out on the fringe of town with no walking route – built on Native American ceremonial grounds, no less – is among the dumbest. Three strikes with one pitch.”
— Bluegill (here)

Before we look at the incriminating photos, let’s rewind to March, 2016 for background on the origins of New Albany Dog Park, which by a miracle yet to be revealed, hasn’t yet been named for a suburban subdivision or a dead Democrat.

Dog daze: With Gahan back in the safe house, civilian architect Timperman now is the city’s official spokesman.

When Mayor Jeff Gahan donned his standard issue suit and tie for an uncharacteristic public appearance at Cannon Acres with WDRB’s Gil Corsey, actually speaking on behalf of his own administration without the usual sycophants and intermediaries for protective filtration,

“Right now the last thing we’d want to do is be disrespectful to anyone,” Gahan said.

Amid instantaneous and contagious community-wide laughter, it was only a matter of milliseconds until chief handler Adam Disney speed-dialed Gahan to remind the mayor that the only way he can refrain from disrespect is to remain safely ensconced in the down-low bunker.

In the emergency meeting that followed, you can almost see them looking around the room … so, who can we use?

Seven and one half months of campaign finance beak-wetting later, the dog park was dedicated, and to the credit of WHAS-11, Tony Nava was invited to say a few words. Follow the link to watch the video.

Meanwhile, these screen shots show what happened when Tony attempted to engage The Genius of the Flood Plain in dialogue as he scurried past the Fourth Estate.

If a picture paints a thousand words.
Then why can’t I paint you?
The words will never show.
The you I’ve come to know.

The “you” who flees any unscripted opportunity … and yet the most incisive comment is reserved for this dog …

 … peeing on a ceremonial Native American site as the cameras roll.

Adam Disney didn’t give that dog very good public relations advice, did he? Unless, of course, that’s exactly the advice he gave him.