Truth is stranger than fact as Mayor Gahan presents souvenir anchor seal bag to “tree” subsequently arrested for blocking traffic in Portland.

I doctored the photo. Sorry about that.

If it’s really the case, and “one man’s bit of performance art is everybody else’s misdemeanor,” then which one’s the transgressor — fake tree or faux progressive?

And when it comes to “natural choreography,” it simply doesn’t get much better than the gift of an anchor bag.

‘Tree’ arrested for blocking traffic in Portland, by Doug Criss (CNN)

Police arrested a tree Monday in Portland, Maine, for blocking traffic.

Ok, it wasn’t really a tree, CNN affiliate WGME reported. It was a man dressed as a tree.

The tree, or um, man who was arrested said he stood in the middle of a downtown intersection as a kind of performance art. Asher Woodworth wanted to see how he could impact “people’s natural choreography.”
If by that he meant to get a lot of people to take pictures and videos of him, he succeeded.