A diffident Dickey on the Democratic endorsement of two-way streets: “Our party supports this effort,” just not OPENLY.


I asked ..

Since the Floyd County Democratic Party has endorsed a “yes” vote in the NAFC bond referendum, thus taking a position on a matter of importance, will we see an endorsement of HWC’s Option B for two-way streets? I’d ask this question at the party’s site, but — well, you know. Thanks.

… and Adam Dickey legalistically answered, though to be sure, it’s an improvement on previous non-answers from the local Democratic hierarchy.

In regard to your question, the study and plan has been pursued and advanced by our Democratic administration and elected officials and our party supports this effort. Our local platform supports complete streets and investment in our infrastructure and this plan is consistent with that plank.

At this time, I do not anticipate the central committee would adopt a separate resolution, but members are free to propose such an item at the next committee meeting.