ASK THE BORED: Restripe Upper Spring Street for traffic calming BEFORE the election? And risk an even higher Luddite turnout? Adam has priorities, you know.



In terms of weather, Thursday of last week (October 13) was acceptable, wasn’t it?

But it came, and it went …

… and Upper Spring Street — our first and only line of defense against pass through toll dodging — still looked like this (photos taken yesterday).

However, the Green Mouse spotted two Yellow Jackets making hash marks …

 … but considering the roadway was only recently repaved, these must be utility company vandals, right?

I mean, isn’t that the way it always works? We pave the street, and as soon as the asphalt sets, the water company tears it up again?

In fact, the restriping sloth probably is intentional.

The Green Mouse Says, “If and when the city finishes the job and restripes the street, the mouth breathers will go berserk.”

Meanwhile, the new and improved New Albany City Hall agitprop site now includes information on ongoing projects and current street closures — assuming, of course, that they bother listing a specific project or street closure.

You’ll see nothing there about Upper Spring’s missing stripes-for-calming, or prospects for a BOW vote on the Downtown Grid Modernization Project (local Orwell-speak for two-way streets), which the mayor continues whispering about even as the bored insists the fix isn’t in.

And, still nothing from Keep New Albany Clean and Green about the clear-cutting at Judge Cody’s.

All that steeple work — and now this. You’d think Irv would be entirely apoplectic.

Look it up, Shane.