The annual question: Why does the “rule” of Harvest Homecoming outweigh the interests of free speech on city-owned streets?


It’s an annual question that hasn’t ever been properly answered. Let’s get David Duggins right on it, shall we? After all, Shane’s busy dodging information requests.

Or … maybe since City Hall itself and the Democratic Party machine (is there a difference?) both endorsed Bruce Hibbard’s referendum, Harvest Homecoming was merely enforcing the governing junta’s own gag-me-with-a-spoon order?

These people don’t understand rule of law very well, do they?

Laughing. Out. Loud.


…to the pro-referendum people at Harvest Homecoming who told us that we could not campaign against the school tax referendum at Harvest Homecoming wearing our anti-referendum T-shirts and handing out fliers. They said we were causing an “incident.” Their stern demeanor was comical in retrospect since they were faking their authority. They warned that we could be escorted off the premises by a police officer, or worse. We politely suggested that they have the proper authorities approach us and we continued on our purpose. This happened Friday afternoon and again Saturday afternoon.

— George Mouser, Floyds Knobs