I was expecting the News and Tribune to come out in favor of two-way streets, but all I got …


… was this lousy endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President, though at least is sets the table for a wisecrack or two.

Can someone show me the sentence herein written by the editorial board’s Chris Morris?

Did Bill Hanson conclude that America’s first female president would be a boost for a whole news series of cooking schools at his church?

Finally, what about that ringing two-way street endorsement?

Even the previous Jeff-centric editor managed to nudge in the right direction.

OUR OPINION: Hillary Clinton best choice for president

… America needs an experienced, reasoned and balanced leader in the White House. Democrat Hillary Clinton best meets the qualifications of leadership and is our choice for president. Republican Donald Trump is her polar opposite in style and substance.

Clinton’s experience in government service exceeds that of many past presidents as well as presidential hopefuls …

… The News and Tribune editorial board is comprised of Publisher Bill Hanson, Editor Susan Duncan, Digital Editor Claire White, Assistant Editor Chris Morris and Assistant Editor Jason Thomas. Responses can be sent to susan.duncan@newsandtribune.com