Targeted exile: It was the best Harvest Homecoming ever, both here and in Wisconsin.


Last Thursday morning we drove to Madison, Wisconsin, arriving back home earlier this afternoon.

This journey comes down to two fundamental facts.

1. We both richly enjoy Madison, Wisconsin.

2. We both have little use for Harvest Homecoming.

As for the former, in the coming days I’ll backdate photos and commentary in an effort to partially explain the attraction.

With regard to the latter, I’m no longer involved with a downtown business (or as in 2015, seeking elected office). Beyond reforming the Harvest Homecoming behemoth, my personal interest in the festival wasn’t ever great.

To me, it’s an 800-lb gorilla, and likely to remain one for the foreseeable future.

So be it.

I’ll continue to do my little bit to support year-round local businesses. Beyond that, the swill-laden road is long, the windmills are mighty big, and tilting at them makes the arms grow tired.

In all seriousness, when it comes to such celebrations, New Albany should have exactly what it wants, good and hard. Concurrently, a nice autumn weekend out of town seems an elegant and fair solution for the Confidentials.

If you can’t beat them and have no intention of joining them, then bolting Nawbany for a road trip is the next best thing.

Cheers — and why aren’t the streets running two ways?

Did Irv self-immolate in the punkin patch during our absence?