George F. Will helped bring us Donald Trump, but Will apparently does not patronize pottery stores: “You break it, you buy it.”


The ubiquitous pundit George F. Will has spent the last 40 years serving as handy GOP shill, seldom questioning the party’s varied 1% jihads and cultural dog whistles, as combining to give us Candidate Trump, the most odious of two awful major party presidential nominees.

As Charles P. Pierce observed last week, America has been waiting for Trump.

 … If you have a party dedicated to vandalism and nihilism, how can you possibly be surprised when your presidential nomination is spirited away by a career vandal and a superior nihilist?

As an enthusiast of great polemics, and a Hoosier who understands how dreadful Poodle Pence has been for our state, I’m placing this bookmark by Will’s opinion piece, but it is important to remember that he’s savaging a monster of his own creation.

And it’s hilarious to see and read.

Donald Trump is the GOP’s chemotherapy, by George F. Will (Washington Post)

… Trump is a marvelously efficient acid bath, stripping away his supporters’ surfaces, exposing their skeletal essences. Consider Mike Pence, a favorite of what Republicans devoutly praise as America’s “faith community.” Some of its representatives, their crucifixes glittering in the television lights, are still earnestly explaining the urgency of giving to Trump, who agreed that his daughter is “a piece of ass,” the task of improving America’s coarsened culture.

Because Pence looks relatively presidential when standing next to Trump — talk about defining adequacy down — some Republicans want Trump to slink away, allowing Pence to float to the top of the ticket and represent Republicanism resurrected. This idea ignores a pertinent point: Pence is standing next to Trump.

He salivated for the privilege of being Trump’s poodle, and he expresses his canine devotion in rhetorical treacle about “this good man.” What would a bad man look like to pastor Pence?