“They just killed my business” … and other incredible tales as “Harvest Homecoming creates parking dilemma at Underground Station.”


NAC broke this story last Wednesday, and it was the most-viewed post of September.

Trumple-down carny economics: The needs of Fiesta Rides outweighs the needs of bricks and mortar indie businesses at Underground Station.

Meanwhile, Underground Station’s Ron Carter is right.

Art Niemeier and a handful of other “reformers” within Harvest Homecoming have been exemplary in their efforts to deal with the fundamental and increasingly intractable problem: The festival’s 50-year-old business model is largely incompatible with downtown’s revitalization.

“Carter is confident that a solution is possible — especially if it involves the city.”

A solution cannot be reached without recognition of another fundamental reality: Harvest Homecoming cannot continue in its current configuration without the city’s permission. The festival exists because it is given a free ride on public right-of-way. It’s a simple as that.

And: The city can no longer base its yearly acquiescence on tradition alone in a time when the stakes continue to be raised. Harvest Homecoming needs to adapt, but it cannot (will not?) do so if it continues to take advantage of its status as Third Rail — untouchable and sacrosanct.

A half-century is a very long time, but it isn’t the 11th Commandment. City Hall says it’s on the job, but as usual, whatever Jeff Gahan is doing to shape an outcome is taking place behind closed doors, without the participation of key downtown stakeholders.

Until everyone is invited to the table, this won’t get any better. It’s isn’t personal. It’s just business — lots of businesses, and not just a few.

Harvest Homecoming creates parking dilemma at Underground Station, by Danielle Grady (News and Tribune)

Underground Station owners say festival blocks access

NEW ALBANY — With new downtown New Albany developments come new problems for the Harvest Homecoming Festival. This year’s dilemma: Business owners at the newly full Underground Station have had their main source of parking blocked for over a week due to ride set-up, with almost one more week of lost business to go.