Preview: 410 Bakery coming to 140 East Main Street in downtown New Albany.

From the web site.

Earlier we reported that Donum Dei Brewery will be using the rear patio of the former Abe’s Rental building at 140 East Main as a pop-up beer garden during Harvest Homecoming.

I’d heard a bakery was coming there, but only just now found the web site.

Originating in the back of Coffee Crossing’s Jeffersonville location, the 410 Bakery is a modern bakery growing into its first retail location in downtown New Albany. The bakery will offer small batch artisan breads, traditional French and modern pastries, and great coffee.

And more of the story:

It wasn’t long before Emily (Butts) ran out of space. With a third coffee shop opening in the fall of 2016 it was time to start looking for a new location. An old building at 140 East Main Street, originally built in 1929 as a gas station, might not have seemed like an ideal location at first glance, but it possessed a very unique style that could not be passed up. Unlike its small beginnings in the back of a coffee shop, the new 410 Bakery location will be a full retail bakery offering small batch artisan breads, modern pastries, and a coffee bar.

Duh! I know Emily’s dad; we went to university together.

Best of luck to her — is she decides to make European-style bread, I’ll never leave the joint, and anyway, it’s exciting to have the historic building back in use.