Mistah Thrasher, if you’re reading …

You know, just like last winter.

There are so many boring things in a place like New Albany that surely we can rig them to lead to something … amazing …

Um, never mind.

9 Amazing Things Disguised as Boring Things, by Molly McBride Jacobson (Atlas Obscura)

Look twice—these seemingly mundane objects are hiding something.

Narnia hid behind a wardrobe. Doctor Who’s Tardis was disguised as a blue police call box. With no signage and no flags, these out of the ordinary things are hidden away disguised as something utterly banal. In some cases, these things are camouflaged on accident; in others, they are secreted away so that only those in the know can find them.

Either way, the world is full of seemingly mundane places that are more than meets the eye. It reminds us to stay curious—one has to always be on the lookout for wonder. Here are nine places in the Atlas that may seem boring at first glance but are actually amazing once you take a closer look. If you know of mundane place hiding something wonderful, add it to the Atlas!