Indie food & drink behind the booths: Adrienne & Co. and Toast on Market.


Harvest Homecoming’s annual occupation of downtown New Albany is almost here, and in 2016, “booth days” take place from October 6 – 9 (Thursday through Sunday). We’re here to have a look at what’s taking place behind the booths, where our independent local businesses operate throughout the year.

On Market Street in the epicenter of the orange occupation, Adrienne & Co. (133 E. Market) adapts and analogizes.

With Harvest Homecoming looming around the corner (like a clown in the woods) you might wonder what we have in store for you down here at Adrienne & Co New Albany… Our Bakery & Cafe will be open during our normal hours 8a-2p serving up a full menu! We will also have a booth that will be serving up our sweet & delicious desserts and pastries for your fall eating pleasure!

Just a few doors down at 141 E. Market, Toast on Market will use festival time to take the week of for spiffing up, returning on the Tuesday the 11th.

As listings are posted, we’ll add and update here.

For officially sanctioned activities, go here: 2016 Harvest Homecoming Festival Guide.