On certain omissions in yesterday’s News and Tribune about deez nuts opposing complete streets.


Of course, to share the News and Tribune editorial’s URL on Facebook is to generate a huge image of Donald Trump, thereby defeating the editorial’s anti-Trump message via glorious imagery.

OUR OPINION: Trump’s harsh words sacrifice our principles

That’s why I’m going with this instead.

Furthermore, given who occupies seats on the newspaper’s editorial board, one can’t help but ponder the comedic potential of emulating SCOTUS and publishing “dissenting” points of view from voices within the board.

— The News and Tribune editorial board is comprised of Publisher Bill Hanson, Editor Susan Duncan, Digital Editor Claire White, Assistant Editor Chris Morris and Assistant Editor Jason Thomas. Responses can be sent to susan.duncan@newsandtribune.com

For the sake of argument, consider the possibilities if the editorial board were to write in favor of two-way streets in New Albany, a position contrasting with that of board member Chris Morris, who previously transformed 80,000 of speeding heavy metal into a pathetic victim.

This notion is proffered in jest, although perhaps there’s a grain of topicality in the suggestion that Morris, having used column space to dissent from two-way streets, still bears a responsibility as senior editor to make both sides of the story available.

Unfortunately, yesterday’s streets piece by Elizabeth Beilman has gaping holes. It isn’t mentioned that a perpetually whining Mark Seabrook, a longtime favorite of Morris’s, is more than just a business owner. He’s a county commissioner, too. Also, the Cummings veneer company was (still is?) part of the 2015 lawsuit against the city(update — I’m informed this was noted; sorry, missed it)

Aren’t these facts pertinent?

Furthermore, didn’t the upholstery shop have a rather large “(Irv) Stumler for Council” sign in front of it last year, even though the store’s location lies outside the 2nd council district?

Finally, among the businesses listed in the article as signing a petition collected by an unidentified citizen (Stumler?), Gospel Bird’s owner has expressed confusion on social media, and stated he’d never been asked for his opinion.

So, lots of holes. Isn’t Morris the New Albany editor, and isn’t it the editor’s responsibility to catch problems like these?

And, if not him, then who?

By the way, the Trump editorial is nice. You need to do something about the photo, though.