OMG — how will we know where to unload our trucks?


Equal time for the fossilized Luddites – but shouldn’t Mark Seabrook be clearly identified not just as a funeral home mogul, but also as a Floyd County Commissioner?

Apart from that, the same old boilerplate: The sky is falling down; we’re too stupid to learn what the rest of the world already knows; we can’t possibly improve street safety for all users without compromising auto-centrism; and so on, and so forth, until the last hope for a new generation of New Albanians is squelched.

Yawn. But at least Chris Morris had a fist-pumping moment as the paragons of same-old-thinking struck back against … against … what, exactly?

I almost forgot: The owner of one of the businesses listed herein as opposing two-way streets already has said on Fb that he can’t understand being mentioned seeing as no one asked him.

There’s your Irv Stumler scientific polling methodology.

Some New Albany business owners oppose two-way street changes, by Elizabeth Beilman (News and Tribune)

NEW ALBANY — While the vocal majority seems in favor of two way street changes in New Albany, there’s a faction of downtown business owners that would rather things just stay the way they are.

“I think it’s going to kill traffic in downtown New Albany,” Mark Seabrook, owner of Seabrook Dieckmann and Naville Funeral Homes, said.