Cousin Willie ain’t no dope.


It appears that Dan Sieg has been diligently perusing back issues of NA Confidential.

Precedent suggests Duggins should have offered Sonoco roughly $1.33 million to close AFTER the election.

 … May we surmise that a completely imaginary relief package, similar to the $7 million pretended to be thrown at Pillsbury’s moving vans by Duggins and Mayor Jeff “But Water Park” Gahan, as part of crass political theater believed by absolutely no one in town not named Pat McLaughlin, is being devised for Sonoco as we speak?

Just look at the figure being sought by Ramsey Popcorn Company to facilitate its expansion at the former General Mills site.

Popcorn company one of multiple potential buyers hoping to acquire General Mills factory, by Caitlin Bowling (Insider Louisville)

According to Sieg, General Mills wanted $9 million for the facility. He is seeking $7 million from investors, which Sieg said he believes would allow Ramsey Popcorn to submit a competitive bid on the property.

Inquiring minds?

They’re hungry.