Courier-Journal sez: “New Albany’s rebirth attracts young residents.” Whaddya think?


Somehow Bailey Loosemore is able to pen and publish an article about New Albany without longtime rural resident Irv Stumler intervening to pontificate about the urban viewpoint from the aging chassis of a 1953 Peterbilt.

This is an indescribable blessing, and perhaps she’ll consider sharing her secret. A muzzle, perhaps? I’d even buy one from Wal-Mart if it would do the trick.

New Albany’s rebirth attracts young residents, by Bailey Loosemore.

Therein, the C-J’s reporter identities “three key events in the city’s history that most New Albanians agree led to the downtown’s rebirth.”

(Nice use of the term “New Albanian,” by the way … where did THAT come from?)

  • 2000: The creation of the New Albany Historic Preservation Commission.
  • 2006: David Barksdale and commercial realtor Mike Kopp’s idea to establish a riverfront development district, “which allowed restaurants within three blocks of a waterway to purchase three-way liquor licenses for $1,000.”
  • 2008: The Floyd County Family YMCA opened its doors.

Do you agree?


Jeff Gahan seldom speaks for the record, but when he does, he denies homelessness is a problem in New Gahania.

There’s nothing like six whole days notice, but: “We Want Your Input on the City’s Comprehensive Plan!”

ON THE AVENUES: On two-way streets, a modest proposal for the consideration of my disoriented one-way counterpart.