4-2-3: City council scorecard from Monday’s public meeting on two-way streets.


New Albany residents applaud two-way streets, by Madeleine Winer (Courier-Journal)

Plans to turn some one-way streets in downtown New Albany to two-way roads were mostly met with approval Monday as many residents said “it’s about time” plans came to fruition.

Last evening’s public meeting on the topic of two-way street reversions in New Albany was not an optional gathering. Because federal money is to be used, such a meeting is required. Of those members of the public speaking, my scorecard shows 14 – 5 in favor of Option B, or complete two-way reversions of Elm, Spring, Market, Bank and Pearl between Vincennes and State.

Six of nine city council members attended. Their district is noted in parentheses.

Present, speaking in favor of two-way reversions: Greg Phipps (3), Pat McLaughlin (4), David Barksdale (at large) and Al Knable (at large)

Present, not speaking: Matt Nash (5), David Aebersold (at large)

Absent: Dan Coffey (1), Bob Caesar (2) and Scott Blair (6)