Return of the Son of the Summit Springs Zombie PUDD?


Well, lookee here.

Seems the Plan Commission meets on Tuesday, September 20. Might this sign spotted in the vicinity of the atrocity have something to do with this agenda item?

Docket C-05-16
Pat and Pam Kelley request a Primary Plat approval for a nine (9) lot subdivision in a PUDD, Planned Unite Development District, at 2303-2307 State Street, 220 Woodbine Drive and 2301-2320 Fawcett Hill Road.

Yes, the Kelleys. They never go away, do they?

The street addresses seem to be analogous with the previously minted clinging hillside developments. It’s almost as though all these plans are being made under the assumption that stormwater run-off issues only happen near the Yangtze River — not the Ohio.

Is this fix firmly in, or will there be a different ending? Either way, all we can say is “Hooray for (Scott) Holly Wood” …

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― Marilyn Monroe

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